Cup Therapy 

is a form of bodywork that utilizes suction, or reverse pressure, on the skin to aid in lymphatic drainage, circulation, pain relief, and soft tissue recovery. This method is safe for almost everyone and can be performed almost anywhere on the body. The sensation of the cups feels like strong pressure, and when moved around, will feel like a massage. I practice both static and dynami methods of cupping therapy.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point describes a taut band of skeletal muscle located within a larger muscle group. Trigger points are tender to the touch and can refer pain to distant parts of the body. Trigger point release is a general term that describes procedures that relax tension and relieve pain in muscles that contain trigger points. It usually refers to manual techniques involving pressure and stretching muscles, but can also refer to other techniques such as the use of needles.The benefits of trigger point therapy are numerous. Not only is it effective in reducing headaches and muscle tension, it can also improve range of motion and flexibility. Patients have found it successful in improving their posture and relieving pain.

Functional Training

Address training plateaus, mobility restrictions, overuse injuries, or nagging aches and pains with a 60 or 90 minute session that combines the bodywork modalities listed above with movement assessment and correction. Get yourself out of pain, moving well, feeling great, and hitting new goals!

IASTM / Scraping

(instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) is a method of manual therapy that uses medical grade steel tools to detect and treat fascial restrictions. This method is great for areas exhibiting tendonitis, chronic inflammation, and soft tissue fibrosis/scar tissue. Your tissue will be warmed up with massage as an emollient is applied to the skin. The technique is performed for <10 minutes per area to avoid overworking the tissue. Some redness or tenderness may occur but will normally fade quickly. Most people enjoy the treatment and notice results almost immediately.


Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet (or the hands). Reflexology is generally relaxing and may help alleviate stress. The theory behind reflexology is that areas of the foot correspond to organs and systems of the body. Pain relief, nerve stimulation, blood flow, migraine relief, and so much more can be achieved through reflexology. And in the absence of abnormalities, reflexology may be as effective for promoting better health and preventing illness, as it may be for relieving the symptoms of stress, injury and improving your mood.

Mobility Training

It combines mobility exercises that increase the range of movements and motions your body can perform. These include flexibility, but also balance, pliability and strength. The full combination is the best way to avoid injury. One great thing about mobility training is its diversity. 

So: What exactly is mobility work? Stretching? Yoga? Bear crawls and walking lunges? It could be any of these things.

Mobility designates exercises that will increase your range-of-motion and your stabilization, or control of the muscles that surround each joint. Mobility isn’t the same as flexibility, though it is close. Mobility incorporates flexibility and strength, and it’s crucial to help you squat deeper, push harder, and jump higher.

Stretch Therapy

Assisted stretching can improve your core strength and posture, and enhance your athletic performance while reducing your recovery time. Stretching is even used as a way to lower your stress levels, improve your sleep and boost your energy.

Sports Massage

Your sports massage may include, movement, resistance exercise, stretching, mobilizations, and a host of 'other' stuff that has its own results apart from a nice rub, I like to describe it as a deep tissue, with a more focused approach. We will address a number of issues from your gait, posture, mobility to injuries/pain.


Acupressure is a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practice that involves treating blocked energy, or qi , by applying manual pressure to specific points on the body. It is similar to acupuncture, except that it uses fingertip pressure similar to Reflexology, instead of needles.

You will also leave your session with tips/education on how to apply acupressure for at home maintenance.